About the Coach

Lucine works with a wide range of tools to accompany and assist others in the healing of ourselves and transformation of humanity. She began training as a mediator and facilitator of inter-group dialogues as a teenager. After completing her bachelors degree in Poverty Studies at the University of Michigan, she was awarded a Fulbright Grant to work in Colombia on healing and reconciliation with victims and ex-combatants of civil war.

Her passion to serve as a bridge to access different healing modalities has led her to study with different healers throughout the world from Turkey to South Africa. She was awarded a Rotary World Peace Fellowship to complete two Masters Degrees in Conflict Resolution and then returned to Colombia with USAID as an advisor to the Colombian National Reconciliation Commission.

Her healing work focuses on the mental, physical and spiritual levels, with ten years of working with different shaman in Colombia with ayahuasca and energy work, training in massage, and her training and work as a yoga teacher. In 2009 she trained and certified as a Master Practitioner in NLP, and as a life coach and motivational coach in order to work with individuals to find their unique path to expressing their true talents and heartís desire.

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What it IS as simple as this. You’re interacting with one person, who could feel happier than they do. And you have the ability to see them as they really are. And hold your picture of who they are, so clearly in your own mind, that when they’re with you, they see it to.”
(Abraham,“If Child Patient Cannot Speak?”, Alaska Cruise 7/21/08, 1997-2009 Abraham-Hicks Publications)