About Coaching

Choose the life that you live and live the life that you choose.

Do you know someone who has been talking about a change that they want to make in their life for a while now, but always seems to get stuck somewhere in the process? I think we all know someone right?

My vision of coaching is the process of shifting our focus from "what's wrong" to "what's possible". Every one of the places where we feel "stuck" or unsatisfied in our lives also has the possibility of being a

The people who I work with often come to me in moments of transition in their lives. Each person has a different vision of what they are trying to create in their lives, anywhere from building a healthy self-image and body weight, creating loving and supportive relationships to creating the economic stability to do the work that inspires them most in the world.

However, they all share certain traits: they are dedicated, motivated and inspired people with the courage to pursue the vision of what they want. They see coaching as a partnership, a vehicle that will help them find the best path to create their vision in the world. In this process we work together to uncover and move beyond the limiting beliefs that keep us from pursuing these visions, while we create the steps to move forward. In the coaching process I call on a diverse tools, as a Master-Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming, a certified Life Coach, a Weight Loss Coach and a Social and Emotional Intelligence Coach. My previous work and training in conflict transformation, yoga and mediation all guide my coaching
as well.

The work with each individual is based on a combination of these tools that offers the unique balance that each individual needs to step into the change that they are yearning for. As a coach I do not pretend that I know the best choice for your life. Rather, I know that you know it. And I will not let you forget that. I will empower you to stop looking outside of yourself for answers and I will work with you to find the best tools to permit you to tune into the deep source of wisdom and guidance that you have within.

The result of this coaching process is an empowered and inspired individual living the life that they choose.

In choosing a coach, it can be important to look at their background and their training, but even more so, it is essential to speak with the coach directly to see that you work well with their coaching style.

I welcome you to contact me today for a free 45 minute consultation to see how coaching works for you. lucine.life.coach@gmail.com

For more information about the coaching programs that I offer and pricing, visit Programs and Projects on this site, or contact me by email for personalized information.

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