How I work

The lessons that I have learned during my years of working in conflict resolution,
healing and reconciliation has shifted the focus of my work from “what’s wrong” to
“what’s possible”.

My focus as a coach is to empower people to transform their personal struggles and challenges into the opportunities to make powerful life choices and realize their full potential.
I offer one-on-one coaching packages as well as group workshops. With every new client,
I offer a 45 minute free consultation session, to determine if my coaching style is compatible with the client’s needs, and to determine the package of coaching sessions that will optimize the amount and frequency of coaching to suit your particular needs. While each person is different, I often recommend beginning with weekly coaching sessions of around 1 hour/week for the first 2 months. No matter what packages is chosen, I encourage a monthly evaluation of the successes and lessons learned in our coaching process.

For more information about the fees for one-on-one coaching and/or to sign up online,
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Coaching Session Options


My past workshops have integrated yoga and ayurvedic principals with topics such as healing from trauma, stress management and emotional balancing. A 2010 workshop is being planned for survivors of sexual abuse and eating disorders. Further workshops on topics such as work-life balance and integrating change into our lives are also being planned. For further information on workshops see updates on this site, or my blog, or contact me if you are interested or have questions.

Beyond Victimhood Project
My work in conflict resolution and reconciliation has allowed me the opportunity to ask hundreds of people about what it means to transcend experiences of trauma, to move beyond being the victim of their own circumstances into being the creators of their lives.

This work with victims has been part of my path to understanding my relationship to ideas of empowerment and victimhood. When I first began my research in Colombia with Fulbright grant, my desire to “help” the victims of the conflict was buying into the story that the victims were disempowered and did not have the tools to change their own situation. However the experience that I gained through the amazing individuals that I worked with taught me that the term “victim” can be a temporary condition and not
an identity.

This project came about as an impulse, something larger than me, that calls out to be shared with the world in order to inspire others of our tremendous capacity to grow from and transcend any life circumstance. Please clink on the link below to read more about the book that I am writing on these stories of transformation.
Click here for PDF.

The proceeds from this book, once it is published, ill go to funding further workshops with “victims”,
ex-combatants and others who have been impacted by armed conflict and are ready to step into a new possibility for their lives.

Finally, please contact me if you would like to support the publishing of this book or the project in general.