Psychedelic Integration Support

Over the last decade psychedelic medicines have gained increased exposure in popular media, increased therapeutic credibility in the fields of psychology and psychiatry, and even a growing trend towards decriminalization and legalization in Western countries where they were previously illegal. This means that more and more individuals are seeking an environment where they can safely experience the therapeutic benefits of psychedelic medicines, whether as part of clinical trials, or in the near future to be prescribed by  qualifying individuals under the Authorised Prescriber Scheme

Current research on psychedelic assisted therapy, as well as thousands of years of traditional practice of using psychedelic medicines all point to the essential need for individuals to be supported not only during their process of working with psychedelics but also in their preparation for, and integration of their experience in order to retain any benefits as well as manage any challenging aspects of the experience.

Lucine’s Approach

    Lucine spent over 11 years living in South America, learning the traditional practices of working with plant medicines in the indigenous shamanic settings. She spent a year working as a facilitator at an Ayahuasca centre in Peru, and then several years bringing groups of Westerners to work directly with the Shipibo shamans in the Amazon. As a result, she has a long history of valuable experience in supporting people to prepare for, participate in and integrate psychedelic experiences. As she transitioned pure shamanic traditional approach, she began to incorporate her somatic resources and IFS lens in supporting people to transform challenging psychedelic experiences into healing journeys of change.

    Psychedelic assisted therapy is not currently available outside of a clinical trial and should only be considered under the guidance of an authorized mental health professional. Lucine does not provide psychedelic assisted therapy. She works to support people who are currently engaged with psychedelic therapy in a clinical context and feel they need extra support and resources in order to integrate their experiences in a beneficial way. For more information or to understand this further you can reach out via email to find out more about how this works.

    "I had done some past work but struggled to integrate and find cohesion. Body movement is a universal language that has bridged the language barrier between parts of self. Combining 5Rhythms and IFS has brought me to a place of unity within me that I've never experienced."

    Zane Williams, Melbourne

    "How to describe Lucine? No one label fits. Neither counsellor nor therapist do her justice. She’s a wise teacher, a best friend, a shaman, a spirit guide. She’s my lifeline through major life transitions and the smaller, still challenging, bumps in life. I can share all parts of me with her, even those thoughts I dare not voice to myself, much less to anyone else, and I still feel accepted and loved. At times I feel like she’s working a kind of magic, weaving together threads in my life I haven't recognised. She knows exactly what to say to guide me, to comfort me, to shed light, to challenge me and my limiting beliefs in a loving way. She enables me to go to the places my soul craves and my mind fears. She knows how to walk the line between giving me the love and support I need and when to hold me accountable and push me out of the nest so I can fly on my own. She’s a conduit to a higher wisdom already in me but forgotten along the way. That remembering is like finding my way home and belonging again. "

    Michelle Swenson, Senior IT Business Analyst, Melbourne, Australia

    "I have been working with Lucine in one on one sessions for some years. She is like a dive buddy. Always there when I need support being brave, looking out for my best interests and reminding me to be present and to do the work. It isn't easy. Sessions usually bring a wave of emotions as we dive beneath the surface and explore the depths. I believe I am living more of my life. I am able to give more to my loved ones, to be present and to be honest. I hope I have Lucine in my life for many more years."

    H.B, Tender Manager, Melbourne

    "I really benefit from the immediacy of the sessions and the gifts and messages that come to me through movement. These “take-home’s” play into my week, helping to inform how I interact with and interpret the surroundings and situations I find myself in. With a raised awareness and embodied perspective, my understanding is deepened, and thoughtfully layered through the lens of the learnings gleaned from each session. It’s a rewarding self-gift, and with her intuitive, considered, fun and caring approach, Lucine gets to the heart of the matter, and the dance begins. Thanks Lucine, I didn’t realise just how worthwhile this would be until I experienced it and I’m so glad I did."

    Lainie C. (Art Therapist) St. Kilda, VIC, Australia

    "I respect Lucine’s work and enjoy her classes. I also love all things to do with the soul’s evolution into love but Lucine takes this from a different perspective to my work. From my position she works with the shadow side of the human psyche and her workshop allowed me to reconnect with a lost side of my childhood. I found this immensely rewarding and satisfying and I left the series feeling like I had gained deeper insight into another aspect of my life. I highly recommend Lucine as a facilitator and I thoroughly enjoyed her Empowered Body series workshop."

    Joanne Terkel,  Psychologist, Dance Movement Therapist (prov DMT), Creator of DanSc – Dance Acceptance New Spirit Connection